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What happens when six inspirational authors get together?

They tell stories.


I have come to realize that one of my favorite things is to share group writing projects with my friends -- that's one reason I have been so excited about the Inspy Kisses collections that I and five other authors have been writing.


'Sealed wtih a Kiss' is our latest (only four authors in this one).  I wrote a historical mail-order bride story for this one about a woman who arrives in a rough western town and, instead of finding her intended groom waiting for her discovers that the only one on the platform is the town's sheriff.  And he wants to take her to jail!



A delightful anthology by a wonderfully talented group of inspirational authors..

Britney Adams on Amazon


What a great read!  This collection has four novellas which aren't related to each other, but each is wonderful in its own way.

5 star Amazon review

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